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About BirdWatching:
Learn the skills! Feel the thrill of finding, attracting and identifying birds! Each issue of BirdWatching reveals the mysteries of bird migrations... offers you an up-close-and-personal look at specific bird species... answers intriguing reader questions... and publishes the hands-down most inspiring bird photographs you've ever seen-all to help you enjoy bird watching more than ever! In each issue of BirdWatching magazine, you'll enjoy wonderful features like these. - Foolproof ways to make positive bird IDs - Experts Kenn Kaufman and David Allen Sibley show you exactly what to look for to make even the trickiest identification. - The best birding hotspots in North America - Looking to add to your list of bird sighting? Then you'll love our descriptions, maps, and photos of locations far and wide where you can find birds and have great fun. - How to make your yard a birding hotspot - Popular bird experts share their tricks of the trade to make your yard the one birds love best. - Those amazing birds - Learn fascinating details about hundreds of birds-like how a Brown Creeper can vanish right before your eyes... what can you tell about a bird by the shape of its wings... and why and how birds do the amazing things they do!
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