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Publisher: Madavor Media LLC    Category: Food & Drink Health & Fitness Lifestyle
Language: English

About Gluten-Free Living:
Gluten-Free Living is the first and only magazine completely devoted to the gluten-free lifestyle. Gluten-Free Living provides comprehensive, in-depth coverage of health, food and lifestyle topics essential to anyone following the gluten-free diet. Expert journalists with years of experience living with and writing about the gluten-free diet, and backed by an advisory board of medical and dietary experts, give you accurate, useful information about reading labels, ingredients, shopping, new products, raising a gluten-free child, scientific research, dining out and traveling. Every issue also contains numerous recipes from gluten-free cookbook authors, as well as top chefs from around the country. Gluten-Free Living is recognized as the most reliable source of gluten-free news available. It’s been called "the safety net" for the gluten-free community and lauded for using “a journalistic style that earns respect and trust” from those who have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or any other reason for being gluten free.
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